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Fire exit marker 1.5m x 1.5m

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  • Highlights exit points in a building to ensure it is easy to spot and is kept clear
  • One whole piece. Applies instantly and easily
  • Available in 1mx1m & 1.5m x 1.5m


The anti-slip fire exit markers have been developed and produced to offer a faster, more efficient way of creating a clear zone and prominent signage for your fire exits.

Compared to stenciling, masking, and painting, with waits in between for drying times, the alternative, fire exit floor markings is a one-piece, adhesive application, that takes literally minutes to apply, and can be used immediately, complete with an industry-standard anti-slip surface.


All these factors make fire exit floor markings a far more time and cost-effective solution to apply the anti-slip fire exit markers to your doors, and they are available in sizes of 1-meter x 1-meter, and 1-meter x 1.5-meters, ensuring that if your fire exits are double or single doors, you will have the correctly sized application for them.


The fire exit signs come pre-printed with ‘FIRE EXIT’ and ‘KEEP CLEAR’ printed, complete with yellow/black chevrons, coated with aluminum oxide grit, and a permanent, strong-bonding adhesive coating.

We can, dependent on quantity, create bespoke prints or sizes of fire exit floor markings to meet your needs.